Rotorua – Waterfalls North Island in the Central Region

Waterfalls around Rotorua

We take you to a visit of the most important and must-see waterfalls around Rotorua and the central region. Find out their rating, height and how to access…

Tarawera Falls

Rating: *****
Height: 65 m
Access: Apply for a permit (about $5-6 at Kawerau Information Centre) to access the private forestry road (gravel) that leads to the car park at Waterfall Road. From there it’s an easy 40min return walk.

Impressive, must see waterfalls with clear water and historic Maori story, located in the Rotoiti Forest.

Waiatiu Falls

Rating: ****
Access: Remote location in Whirinaki Forest Park, drive to and stop at River Road car park. It’s an easy 1.5hrs return walk (1,6km), which can be slippery after rain.

This track leads you into a beautiful native forest with lots of bird life. Remote enough to be peaceful and uncrowded.

Mangamate Falls

Rating: ***
Height: 7 m
Access: The falls can be seen from the car park, drive about 300m gravel road from the Minginui Road intersection.

The waterfall is located at the Murupara Motor Camp, a great spot for a picnic near Whirinaki Forest Park.

Wairere (Te-Wairoa) Falls

Rating: ****
Height: 30 m
Access: The falls are within the Buried Village, where an entry fee (currently $34 for an adult) has to be paid. Open daily (closed Xmas Day) between 9am and 4.30pm. Located past the Blue and Green Lake on Tarawera Road, 25 minutes by car from Rotorua.

This historic place, once called Te Wairoa, offers a variety. Besides exploring the falls, you can read stories about the eruption of Mt Tarawera and visit sites from the past.

Kerosene Creek

Rating: ****
Height: 2 m
Access: 10 min easy return walk from car park at the end of Old Walotapu Road. Don’t leave any valuables in the car.

This hot water stream attracts a high number of visitors during the summer season. It can be quite hot, be careful with your soak. Therefore, its even better to visit during winter and early spring.

Okere Falls Track, visit three cataract-style waterfalls

Experience an active adventure – rafting down the waterfalls on the Kaituna River

Access: Drive 30 min north of Rotorua on SH 30. Continue on SH 33. Follow Okere Falls Road and Trout Pool Road to find two car parks. Allow for a total of 30 min to the end to see Kaituna and Tutea Falls, return same way or on Trout Pool Road. If you feel adventurous, you can book an exciting rafting trip!

Okere Falls

Rating: ****
Height: 5 m
Access: Park your car at the first car park. Okere Falls track takes you in 5 min to the falls.

Discover interesting history along the Okere Falls Track.

Kaituna Falls

Rating: ***
Height: 5 m
Access: Park at the last car park at the end of Trout Pool Road. The well-formed Okere Falls track takes you in 5 min to the falls. Continue on track for 10 min to Tutea Falls.

You might be lucky and see some rafters and kayaker on the Kaituna River during your bush walk.

Tutea Falls

Rating: *****
Height: 7 m
Access: Park at Okere Falls Road or Trout Pool Road car park. Walk 15 min (half way) on the well-formed Okere Falls track.

Adventure Alert!! Take photos of rafters from the lookout or plunge yourself down a waterfall. This is the world’s highest, commercially operated Rafting Trip!

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Rotorua Waterfall
Rotorua Waterfall

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